RigLand Camera Right Side Plate for Kinefinity MAVO, MAVO-LF and TERRA - 695

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Color: Right side plate for Kinefinity Mavo, Mavo-lf and Terra - 695


Key features:

1. This right side plate mounted to the right side of the camera via 3 M2.5 screws after taking off the original grip.

2. A small piece to connect the side plate and the top plate to make the side plate be more stable, so suggest you buy side plate with the top plate.

3. There are two ARRI locating holes and many 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screw holes for mounting other accessories and equipment such as magic arm and wireless receiver and so on.

4. There is an Arri rosette for mounting Arri rosette handle, it can be used with RigLand right side wooden handle with Arri rosette-681

5. This side plate will not block the vents and lemo of the camera, and it will help the camera to dissipate heat better.


1. Suggest you buy the side plate with the top plate, otherwise the risk of loosening the side plate.
2. This side plate is not compatible with the original grip of the Kinefinity.
3. If you buy side plate with top plate, we will ship them out together when the side plate are in stock.
Material: Aluminum alloy
Package includes:
1x side plate
1x small piece
2x spanner
3x M2.5 screws
4x 1/4-20" screws